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    2. Audio

      Show case
      ATS2836 Bluetooth V5.0 module-嘉興致芯科技有限公司
      CPU+DSP dual-core SOM for low power portable & wireless audio application, support local MMC/SD card audio playback

      ATS2836 module is a highly integrated single-chip Bluetooth audio solution. It features 240MHz RISC CPU + 400MHz CEVA DSP core. with 336KB RAM and 4MB Flash. It is working as a module with UART AT constrol interface or fully open to develop base on Actions SDK. The SDK officially support Zephyr RTOS. This is the highlights for the module.


      ? 240MHz RISC CPU processor Core
      ? 400MHz CEVA DSP core
      ? Internal 336K RAM for data and program
      ? Internal 32KB CPU ICache for SPI NorFlash
      ? Internal 32KB Cache for SPI PSRAM
      ? Internal 32M bits SPI serial Flash for custom defined software
      ? Up to 16M bytes extensional PSRAM to support rich and flexible software feature
      ? Supports Bluetooth V5.0
      ? Compatible with Bluetooth V4.2/V4.2LE/V4.0/V3.0/V2.1+EDR
      ? Compatible with AVRCP Profile V1.6
      ? Compatible with A2DP Profile V1.3
      ? Compatible with HFP Profile V1.7
      ? Built-in stereo 24bit sigma-delta DAC
      ? DAC supports sample rate 96k/48k/44.1k/32k/24k/22.05k/16k/12k/11.025k/8k
      ? Built-in stereo 20mW PA for headphone
      ? Built-in stereo 24bit sigma-delta ADC
      ? DAC supports sample rate 96k/48k/44.1k/32k/24k/22.05k/16k/12k/11.025k/8k
      ? Support 3 stereo single-ended analog input or 1 stereo fully differential analog input plus 1 stereo single-ended analog input
      ? Support Digital microphone
      ? Support single-ended Analog microphones and fully differential microphone
      ? Audio Interfaces:I2S TX and I2S RX*2,SPDIF TX and RX, sampling rate up to 192KHz
      ? Rich display Interfaces support:
      SD,MMC/eMMC,USB2.0HS, 2xUART,
      1xTWI, 2xSPI, IR RX, 9xPWM, support
      LCM with 8bit CPU interface, 4COM/
      5COM /6COM segment LCD,7pin LED
      ? Support Li-lon battery and 5V supply

      ? 31 Programmable GPIOs, and 12 analog IOs can also configure as GPIOs.
      ? PCB Dimension: 26mm (L) × 15mm (W) ×1mm (H)

      ATS2836 Bluetooth V5.0 module-嘉興致芯科技有限公司